NewsOctober Update

October 13, 2021


Last month we let you know that the building would begin its transformation on the outside thanks to Patrick Harnett. He is a local artist whose work can be seen all around Southwest Baltimore. He came highly-recommended by our friend and Pigtown neighbor Sylva at Culinary Architecture and we couldn’t be happier with how the façade turned out. Patrick painted the entire exterior, added our brewery’s name and address, as well as our logo in a great spot for your next selfie! It’s pretty awesome how this project has made the dream of opening a brewery become even more real. Thank you Patrick, for that feeling!

Another amazing effect of Patrick’s artwork is the excitement the exterior work has built in the neighborhood. We have loved meeting and talking to our neighbors (and their dogs!) who have stopped by to talk about the status of Pickett’s opening…which is still the big question. The supply chain disruption is real so we’ve taken to celebrating tiny victories. Our win last week was learning that our equipment is “on the water”. While it was supposed to have already been delivered in July, if it’s on a ship instead of the other side of the world we’ll take it. As we track its journey to Paca Street (after a short pit-stop in Portland, Oregon) we’re busy prepping the inside of the building so we’re ready to welcome in friends and neighbors as soon as we can.

Part of that work is making sure everyone will feel as at home as possible in our taproom. We have some awesome projects going on to make sure we get it right, including an amazing project coming by The Workshop Carpentry Co. More details on that to come.

Until then, cheers to the victories that edge us closer to opening day.